Grinding Machines

We at STONE POLISHING SOLUTIONS Pty Ltd only sell and use one of the most efficient and up to date Floor Polishing Machines available on the market. Menghini & Bonfanti was founded in 1917 by Giovanni Menghini. Today, we are specialists in the design and production of floor polishing machines, with our well-known "LA GENOVESE" brand now available world-wide.

Following in the footsteps of Giovanni Menghini and Marco Previdi, the company is currently managed by the third generation of the family that oversees processes from design to assembly to commercialisation. Over the years, our highly-skilled workforce has been enriched as we have taken on new, highly-skilled staff members.

Our expansive warehouse is spread over 1,500 square metres, divided into three areas (offices, production area and sales area) and we have ample parking.

Having operated both nationally and internationally since the outset, Menghini & Bonfanti is constantly growing and evolving - always considering the needs of the market and offering customers reliability, competency and continuous assistance.

The constant seeking of new technological solutions combined with our attention to detail and a focus on the ergonomics and aesthetics of the machines, ensures that M&B products are unrivalled on the market both in terms of quality and operation. Attributes that have contributed to the spread of these innovative polishing systems around the world.