Marble Care: What NOT To Do


What are the mistakes to avoid further damage to your marble, having to spend money on subsequent maintenance?


Marble Care for your New Kitchen

The marble care that covers the house’s surfaces requires a lot of patience and maintenance due to the delicate and precious material.

Mistreatment could be incurable as certain products could bring further damage to the floor when instead some natural remedies could be for you, moreover if they are cheap and feasible on their own.

Marble Care: What it can stain

Let’s start to see what the substances can leave indelible stains, if not treated carefully, on the marble:

  • wine
  • coffee and dark substances
  • turmeric, curry, cumin, and other yellowish substances
  • fruit, fruit juices and sugar-based products
  • tomato sauce
  • water that is allowed to evaporate, especially if rich in limestone
  • excess detergent to clean
  • excess of polishing wax

This series of natural substances, primarily foods, may have to require prompt intervention in the event of an accidental fall. Let’s see first how you shouldn’t behave for perfect marble care.

Mistakes not to be made when cleaning marble


Marble Care for your Fancy Bathroom
  • Use generic cleaners

One of the simple mistakes made for marble care is to use detergents used in the most common disinfection of the premises.

However, like the facts, the problem is that they are too aggressive, ending up damaging the surface. The presence of acids, alkalis and other substances will end up ruining the surface in the long run, forcing you to much more expensive maintenance.

  • The Use of Acid Products

It’s a common thought that the result will be great by switching to grandmother’s remedies, using lemon, vinegar, or ammonia.

However, everything is very different in this situation: they are very acidic materials, and their passage over the marble will leave devastating effects.

  • Excessive Washing
Marble Care for your Perfect Living Room

The splendour and brilliance that polished marble can give are genuinely unique. Just think of the great imperial halls of the ancient palaces that seem infinite once cleaned and polished.

However, the surfaces are considerably reduced in everyday life, and the effort to renew it with them.

Washing marble too frequently can become a negative factor: water today, especially in large cities, has a very high presence of limestone and, therefore, over time, would leave its unwanted effects on the floor of the house.

  • Dilution of Alcohol

The detergent and degreasing power of alcohol is known to all, but the best idea is to dilute it in water when cleaning the marble.

Considering the size of the room is essential: over time, the alcohol evaporates, and you risk, in the case of a vast space, finishing washing with just water.

  • Leave the leaking rubbish bag on the marble surface

Sometimes the rush to finish the housework leads us to be careless about what we handle. Be careful; when you take the garbage to the appropriate garbage cans, do not place the bags of wet and unsorted waste on the marble floor.

You could have left in oily or fat-rich substances, which would leave the mark of their passage within seconds.

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