Tile Regrouting Gold Coast and Brisbane Area

Dirty escapes. Blackened escapes. Joints in the bathroom or kitchen that have absorbed liquids, stains, and dirt after a few months of life are a vague reminder of those perfect and clean joints between one tile and another that framed the beauty of the newly laid floor.
When you are at home, most of the attention is focused on the choice of tiles, promptly leaving an accurate evaluation of the grouting and joints in the background.

When the game is over, and there is no turning back, we realize that joints are an essential part of a tiled surface.

The traditional and widespread cementitious joints are porous and therefore extremely sensitive to stains and dirt deposits despite the intrinsic hardness.
Unfortunately, one aspect that unites many people is the amount of time, effort and resources used to keep them clean over time. After being damned to whiten the joints, many resign themselves and only hope that the fifty shades of grey visible will become a single shade as soon as possible of grey, as uniform as possible.

Tile Regrouting is a process we do on the existing grout that becomes so dirty or damaged that any other action would be useless. As the cementitious grout is very porous, it absorbs the dirt on the surface, and this fact does not help because the grout is not levelled with the tiles, as it is generally 2mm below the surface.
Stone Polishing Solutions offers a unique service, offers its experience in removing the old grout from stone tiles and restoring it with a specific product for stones, the Epoxy Resin.

We obtain a compact result by colouring this paste with the identical marble colour.
We will obtain a resin polished in the same way as the marble surface; it will be homogeneous on the surface and smooth like marble, and not porous. It seems to have a single block, which will allow high-speed and superficial maintenance, and the grout lines will not become dirtier or black with adequate care. with adequate care.

Is It Worth It To Regrout Tile?

Tile Regrouting is an improvement of your home that will make your floors look brand new. It will make the tiles more resistant to mould, prevent water from infiltrating behind the shower’s floors and walls and guarantee more durability. Above all, with our technic and products, you will have a surface that will look like a single block!

The result is a prestige floor, a completely new floor that will make your stone look new and increase the value of your property.